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Convert PDF to Text

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Step by step wizard helps you extract text from a PDF file,


1. Start the PDF Converter for Windows 7 software.


2. Click Next button to proceed to the "Source PDF File" step.


3. Select a single file for single conversion or select a folder for batch conversion.


4. Click Next button to proceed to the "Conversion Options" step.


5. Specify the "Start page" and "End page". By default, the end page is 1, you can click the "Get Page Count" button to change it to the end page of your PDF file. For batch conversion, this button is not available, since the page count of a folder of PDF files differs. If you want to convert all pages in all PDF files, just enter 999999 (six nines), or just check the "Convert all pages" option.


Note: Once you check the  "Convert all pages" option, any value input in "Start page" and "End page" columns will be totally ignored.


Tips: If you want to skip certain page or pages, just enter the page number or numbers in the "Skip Page" column. For example, you don't want to convert Page 2 and Page 13, just enter "2, 13" or "2 13" (without the double quotation marks)  in the "Skip Page" column.


You can opt to convert only the odd pages or even pages by checking the appropriate options.


6. Click Next button to proceed to the "Security Options" step.


7. You can click the "Check Now" button to analyze the security status of your source PDF file or files. After checking, if at least one of your PDF files is encrypted, and you will be given three options. Choose the option matching your case.


Note: Providing the owner password (aka. master password) for encrypted PDF files, in most cases, helps produce better conversion results. If you don't know the password, just choose Skip.


8. Click Next button to proceed to the "Output Format" step.


9. Select the file type TXT, which stands for plain text file.


10. Click Next button to proceed to the "Output Location" step.


11. You need to specify the output file name for single file conversion; you need to specify the output path (aka. folder or directory or location) for batch conversion.


12. Before clicking the Next button to proceed to the "Conversion In Progress" step, you can check the option "Suppress all pop up dialogs in the conversion". This will give you a smooth and silent conversion in the next step without any user interaction.