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Limitation in the Trial Version


The trial version is for evaluation purpose only, and it only converts odd pages in PDF files to image formats and plain text files. When requested to upgrade or downgrade a PDF document, the trial version only process 1-page PDF file.


To remove the above restrictions, users are required to purchase a license for the PDF Converter.





After you register, you get the full version product that convert all PDF pages in any PDF document. Here are all the benefits of registration,


Convert all PDF pages

Convert all PDF documents

Better quality of document rendering

Much fast conversion

3-Year Free Upgrade

Premium support via phone and email



To register PDF Converter for Windows 7, you need to pay the registration fee.


The registration fee depends on the type of license you purchase. Personal License costs US$69 per license. Business License costs US$89 per license. Discounts are available for volume purchasing, and volume licensing.


For more information on registration, click the following link,